Please, feel free to lower your expectations.

Oh hai.

I am starting a new blog. I considered using my old one for new content but, the theme of my old one was personal and depressing.

A lot of what I plan to do here is review Asian Beauty skin care products. I don’t wear much make up so, maybe the occasional one but-nothing much or consistent.

But please don’t think this will be your average beauty blog.

I am busy. I am also not detail oriented. I will not be purchasing fancy cameras and staging pictures. I don’t have the time or the inclination. I will save stuff like that for the pros. In fact, I will likely link to said pros so you can get more in depth info.

I am an INTP so detailed anything is just not my forte’.

However, I spend a crap load on asian beauty products. So at the very least I should share what I learn. I am no chemist nor do I have the comprehension to explain why things work the way they do. My skill set for learning what is good for my skin goes like this:

Read what other people smarter than me say about ingredients and their effects. Make note of said effects as it pertains to my skin type. Make note of “yes” or “no” for my skin type, move on.

I couldn’t possibly explain most of it myself so, in those instances I might link you to someone else. OR you know, we are all on the internet so, you could do your own research.

At times I plan to blog about other things unrelated to products. Possible topics include: being single and middle aged, having an empty nest, the tragedies/joys of getting older. Possibly work related rants and other nonsensical musings.


A little about me: I am 42 (UG) single, live in the midwest. I am dual careered with over 20 years in the salon/beauty business. I have an adult daughter who I raised largely on my own, who is also out of the house. So I have more disposable income than I have in the past and more time to actually be a human who is not just on some kind of bizarro auto pilot of work and parenting.

I have a 3 year old Maltese who is my home companion and I am good with that. Living alone suits me.

I have ridiculously dry skin that has seen a lot. Let’s just say I have had a lot of fun and good times and bad choices in my life and this is not hidden on my face. So I am fighting dryness, age and damage at every turn. On my face anyway.

So, I am going to leave this as-is and get into some reviewing soon.




  1. adoredee · January 28, 2016

    I’m laugh-crying because Amy Poehler is amazing and her doing a jig saying, “Lower your expectations” was in my head as I read this.

    Really looking forward to your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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