New things and Empty things

Heyo-sorry for my hiatus. Life, man.

I got crazy sick then had a week of travel for work and I just could not get it together to make a new post. But, I am back, feeling more like a person and wanted to get a post out. This could be one of a few not posted on a Sunday because I finally feel like my head is back together.

*Disclaimer #1-I did not mean for this to be so long so, please feel free to skim, I do it all the time with lengthy blogs.

I am going to always go with the assumption with this blog that you are educated already and have found another/other much better AB bloggers to follow who gives the type of in-depth information that can be essential to learning the ways of AB ( gong.gif). Please know, my blog is not for the beginner. There are so many greats out there for this and I do not have any intent to be one of them because, reasons. Also of note-there are not affiliate links here because, I don’t even really know what those are. And I purchased everything myself because people just don’t send me things, heh. So, ya this is just stuff I buy and put on my face.


That said, I thought I would just go through some empties from the past month, my impressions and some new things I have been trying out/swapping into my routine.

I have had hella empties this month. Granted, I AM trying to use up some product because,over buying but also, trying to cull my stash which has to be done if I want to buy all the things, right?


The lovely Beauty of Joseon Cream or Dynasty Cream depending on the retailer (all further links will be to blog posts telling you more about them) is finally empty. This is my second (3rd?) jar with one on the way. I was so incredibly iffy on this cream when I first purchased it. I felt like the scent was way too strong for me. But like a good AB’er, I pressed on and now, for some reason, I do not feel it is overly scented at all. Very clean and feels great on my skin. This is just a must have, there are no two ways about it!

My next empty this month was the LJH (Lee Jiham Dr.’s Care Vita Propolis Ampoule) Ampoule. Which I actually mix a few (ok, maybe 5) drops per application of my Beauty of Joseon Cream. I feel like it adds something extra that really makes things sparkle! My replacement should be here any day now.

OST Vitamin C  Sleep 9 to 5  Whitening Creama. Which the name has never made any sense to me. What are you? A sleep cream or a 9 to 5? You make no sense, face cream. At any rate, I have used it for about 6 months as a day cream. For two reasons; one, it works best with your Vit C serum application for the day, and I do mine in my A.M. routine and also because it’s a great texture for daytime. But of course, do as you wish. Its in the queue for my next order/haul.

Snowbang Essence.  At first I was unsure about this product as my experience previously with ceramide essence where those that were creamy. But I grew to love it. Ideally I think it is best suited for combo/oily/acne prone skin for that reason. As time went on I realized it will be perfect for the summer when I don’t need such heavy moisturizing layers. I currently have another Ceramide essences I am trying to use up but once I do, I will be repurchasing Snowbang fo’ sho’.

Shark Sauce. Yay! I finally got through my second bottle and second formulation. I got to open my third bottle and third formula this week and I love it even more than the previous version. You can find rave reviews all over the place, specifically the Holy Snail Facebook group page where Holy Snails regularly updates everyone on formula changes, gives and gets feedback and is generally a crowd-information-sourcing-badass, as she should be.

Neogen Dual Layer Ceramide Oil. I actually really liked this product. I will preface the rest by saying, I have yet to find a Ceramide essence quite like the ElsaGusa Ceramide Essence. (that is a link to a place to purchase it, Google translate add-on is your friend here.) Oddly (or, not) I could not find a review for this anywhere other than on the AsianBeauty subreddit (probably of which both are mine) probably because it’s so hard to get and hella $$$ ($50 USD for 50 ML) which is why after 2 bottles I had to give it up. Anyway, comparatively, I liked the Neogen Dual Layer just fine and may repurchase in the future but I have to add, the packaging is absolute shite. Maybe it was just my bottle but the dropper was terrible and would barely suck up any product into the dropper. So that’s something I will have to consider if I repurchase in the fall.

Ok, onto the new things I have purchased and have begun using…..

*Disclaimer-it should go without saying, I am always, constantly buying and trying new sheet masks. At the end of this I may list a few new ones I have tried and like recently but know that sheet masks are an ongoing, revolving door of newness in my life so I may not blog much about them.

Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Toner. (that’s a link to a site to purchase/where I purchased mine. But in all honestly, I do not like that retailer so, search around, I am sure someone else is carrying it by now)  Ahhhh. I love you. I am so glad you exist in my collection now. It’s well documented on the AB subreddit my love for the Honey Cream and Oil Essence so I did not hesitate to buy this as soon as it was available. While the most functional, IMO of the 3 is the Essence Oil (I use it to pat on before and/or after my cushion for the dewy look that does not clog up my pores), the Toner is a lovely addition to my routine. Can I throw/giveaway my Moistful Booskin By Enprani now? I hate it 😦  But, my obsession will live to see some new additions since becoming aware that they now have a hand cream and Heating Mask  for this line.

Grabby (1)

Next up-the House Dr. Igloo Ampoule Bright Arbutin. (link to a place to purchase because apparently no reviews exist- YOLO. This is also a German product). It’s a 21 day “program” that you use one ampoule a day. So far so good, I have been using on in my PM routine a night for 7 nights now and I actually see a difference. I am not sure I would buy it again right away (because I do use other products in my routine containing Arbutin) but I thought this was a cool experiment. Maybe a few times a year type deal. I have been applying it after actives if I am using them, if not, I have been putting this on before all other steps to get that goodness right up against my face. My only complaint is the glass ampules they come in. I have used products like these in the past where you have to crack them open and they break clean. These are a toss up if they break clean or not. Last night, I picked a lot more glass shards off my hand before applying than I was happy about.

*Another disclaimer: I use a Brightening/”whitening” heavy routine for two reasons; one to combat the years and years and years of sun worship/tanning and two because  my mother has a fair complexion and stayed out of the sun, she is prone to “maturity” spots anyway. I just dread the idea that will happen to me. It already is/has on areas of my body so I am trying to do what I can to limit that on my face,neck and decollete’.

(guys, I have so much new stuff, I am so sorry)

I have two newish facial oils to talk about. The Sonia Kashuk Radiant Boost Restorative Oil and the Marmonde Age Control Camellia Oil. (p.s. I am sorry a lot of these blog links are to Fifty Shades of Snails blog. She happens to be a “skin twin” as well as a friend so it happens often her reviews trigger me prompt my purchases!) The Sonia Kashuk was a surprise but, not really in some ways. I have been a fan of her and her make up from waaaaay back in the day when she started out as the head makeup artist at Aveda who developed one of the best make up lines they ever had. Once she went onto her own line (sold exclusively at Target too, yay!) I was already a big fan. So when I heard about this facial oil, I had to try it. It is lightweight and AMAZE. You can see the ingredients in the above link. I must admit more than anything, I absolutely am in love with the scent. What is ironic is, the scent was very familiar to me right away. One of my all time fave perfume oil is/was Love Oil by AvedaIt is suspiciously similar in scent. The Marmonde I have not used as long but, I am already hooked. With any/all my facial oils, I tend to add them after my sheet mask/before moisturizing serums, moisturizer and sleeping packs. In that order. But also when going for a dewy look in the daytime.

Koelf Royal Jelly Hydro Gel Eye Patches. What is there to say really? They are eye patches. They are nice. They stick to my face well. I am skeptical of all eye patches so, they are in my life but, I am not amazed.

La’Bonic Organic Turn Back The Clock Serum This is also non-AB and made in New Zealand (but IS currently in stock at KoreaDepart). If your face is old, dry and you love anything/everything rose scented-this is for you. I actually feel like it’s a great hydrator. I Use it after or in place of a facial oil and before a moisturizer. It has a milky texture and sinks in great.

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Mask  (seriously, click that link to check out that stellar ingredient list) This is also non AB and a Hungarian brand I have been in love with for about a decade. Fair warning; shits expensive yo. But I was able to find it for a decent price on eBay. Since I have dry skin, not prone to breakouts, I justified the splurge because I feel you need a couple things in your arsenal not always for your skin type because sometimes your skin type goes haywire. Their products are concentrated and meant to be watered down when you use them so, go light when scooping it out then, add drops of water to your hand and mix before applying. This stuff is so delicious and cooling/refreshing. I have a feeling it will get much more use as the weather warms.

J.One Hana Cream (warning*Naver Blog-just scroll down and hope Google Translate is useful) I am about done with this jar and have already repurchased. It is quite interesting but, I have enjoyed it. I feel it’s great for daytime because it has a slight powdery finish (but, not matte) and coincidently has a faint baby powder scent.  I have also liked the J.One Jelly pack but don’t think I will repurchase. It’s claim is a “daytime sleeping pack” and I am not entirely sure I need that. Although it does seem firming.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream I’ll be honest here-I don’t even “believe in” eye creams. I mean, I know they exist but like, I find them kind of bullshit overall. But I saw this was newly added and had *Pure Privilege points to use (because as stated earlier, I love their scents/perfumes. Oh and their Tea is delicious) and some Refinery29 or the like blog got to me and I bought it. Plus, licorice guys. Anyway, even Queen Paula (I say with sarcasm of course) gave it a glowing review.  But in general, here is my take on eye creams. Nuff said.

(I am so sorry, I am almost done, promise)

W Lab Mild BHA Peeling Cream Smart All-In-One Sleeping Cream (link to KoreaDepart-sorry, can’t find a review-see product description for ingredient info) All I can tell you so far is, it is really occlusive and turned my face BRIGHT RED LIKE TOMATO on the first two nights I used it. But I think it’s doing something? Mostly because my skin feels super smooth and I woke up with a white head this morning in a typical breakout area. I will revisit this once I have used it for a week, I will update it here.

L’Herbaflore Applephenol Anti-Oxidant Mask (Beautibi link because it is fairly new and I am not finding reviews.) I actually am really digging this one. As you probably know, sleeping packs come in an infinite amount of consistencies. This one is like a yogurt consistency and super light once it sinks in. I have woken with smooth and great looking skin every morning. Because I work from home most days, I have also been using it sometimes during the day. I think this will be perfect for a summer sleeping pack.

And finally, Nakeup Face 15% Glycolic Acid AHA Scaling Cream (eBay link because also, no reviews yet) which is on deck once I have finished the W Lab Peeling experiment. So I have exactly zero feedback about it but thought I would dump it here for future updating.

YOU DID IT!!! You made it through this long ass post!! Thank you, you must either be very bored or are a friend, either way-I am grateful. 


If you have any questions about where I bought anything or need help, please feel free to reach out in comments. 

If for some reason this is your first visit to my blog, this is not entirely a skin care blog in case you have not figured that out yet. Pretty sure my next post will be about The Life Of Pablo which has been on non-stop repeat since I got it day one. 🙂 Praise Ye’.










  1. Fiddy Snails · March 23, 2016

    It’s entirely because of you that I’m so interested in the J.One Hana Cream sitting in my drawer. I will definitely slot that in for real testing soon. And I am so glad you’re blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • justputitonmyface · March 23, 2016

      I’m just goofing off at this point, as you can see. Each time I hit “publish” I spend the rest of the day/night thinking about how it could have been better but-I assume it will be over time. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Violet · June 23, 2016

    Now don’t think I’m crazy, but that new tinfoil mask by Estee Lauder is the best I’ve ever used. I’m 43, have sun damaged combo skin with both wrinkles and pimples, and this mask is so hydrating and smoothing you can even feel it the next day. The problem: fucker is expensive! Like $18 for a single mask expensive. I like to use it occasionally in the winter when my skin is super dry. If you haven’t tried it and can afford a splurge, it’s a great one to go for!

    Liked by 1 person

    • justputitonmyface · June 23, 2016

      Oh, don’t tell me this! Do you use sheet masks in general? Just to get an idea of whether or not this one is worth the splurge. I use so. many. And so often the ones that cost more are not necessarily much better than the cheaper ones :/

      And, we are the same age! ::fist bump::


      • Violet · June 23, 2016

        Yes I’ve used a lot of sheet masks, mostly cheaper ones with the occasional splurge on a more expensive on…I agree that the expensive ones weren’t any better than the cheaper ones.

        The EL is the most expensive one I’ve ever used and I actually thought it WAS worth the money (I wish I didn’t). I don’t know that you could see the results on my skin when you looked at me as I only used it once, but I could absolutely feel the results for the next two days. I bought only one single-use mask, but they sell 4 in a box if you have $75 to spare.

        The real problem is that even with the excellent results, this is not something I can afford to use on a regular basis. If you were rich and could use it once a week I’d bet you’d have some fantastic skin!


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